Sunday, August 9, 2020

Underwater Volcano Experiment

Hypothesis: This is to offer an explanation made on the basis 
of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.

Writing our hypothesis about what we think we will see and 
what we think will happen before the experiment.

What we used:

We placed a small stone at the bottom of our glass jar (this will help keep the jar resting on the bottom).

We added yellow and red food coloring to the hot water. 
Then whaea Robyn carefully placed the smaller jar of hot 
water and food coloring inside the large jar of cold water.

What did we see?


Sunday, August 2, 2020

Our Class Stories

My Weekend in Rotorua  by Ruby Daly

My nose is itching and cheeks are turning red. Eww!

This place smells disgusting I said, where are we?

We’re at Rotorua granny said. More like Rotten Rua I replied.

The smell is indescribable, well actually I can describe it

smells like egg sandwiches… made three weeks ago.

Come on Ruby lets go explore the place said, Kaya.

Kaya is my half cousin she came along with us on the trip.

My body tingled with excitement as I walked into the room.

Wow! I said what a  big tv and a very small kitchen.

Granny where is our bedroom I asked, Just down that hall Granny replied. ‘Wow’, this room is as clean as a first-class hotel I said. I’m having the double bed said Kaya, Well I’m having the big single bed I said realising that the double bed is much bigger. Let’s go shopping said, granny.

We went to the shops I brought some stationary. We got a pencil holder, a visual diary, two erasers, and a pen with a bunny on top. The next day we went to the hot pools.


Firstly, a volcano is a huge mountain with a crater.

Inside the volcano, molten lava is bubbling and ready

to shoot out of a blink of an eye. Next, the volcano

can build pressure on the inside caused by six gases.

Then the volcano explodes. BOOM! it explodes.

Finally when the lava comes sliding down it starts

to cool turning in to rock. 

By Vienna-Lee



“Which  pack  should  I  choose ?” I  thought.

Eventually,  I  need to choose one.

“Mum,  I  want  the  pack that  contains

3 pairs of spider man socks!” I  shout.

I glanced at mum who was now inspecting

some sports socks, last time I saw her she

was feasting her eyes on my choices.

It’s weird how time passes as fast as lightning

when you’re under pressure. 

Our Coke Experiments

Writing down our findings . . .

Drawing what we saw  . . .

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Welcome to Term 3


This term we are learning about Volcanoes.
In our investigations, we will be thinking like Scientists 
and use our observation skills to gather information.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

St Johns Ambulance Visit


Nature trail Dioramas

It’s not surprising that we love to make dioramas. The challenge was for room 17 students was to create a diorama based on our school nature trail where they could dream up a moment in time, an imaginary miniature world, filled with fauna and flora, all contained in a little box. Take a look at what they made.